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Carey House

This project is for a private client in Hertfordshire.  It is conceived as a lightweight timber pavilion in the woods with two interlocking volumes creating a private sunken South facing courtyard.

The low horizontal form of the building is juxtaposed with a vertical rhythm of the elevation treatment with solid and void elements set in a layered timber screen breaking up the massing and aligning it with the solid and void nature of the surrounding woods.  Upon approach, a visual ambiguity is created between site and dwelling, between light and dark, creating glimpses towards and through the trees.

A concrete plinth providing retaining structure and thermal mass anchors the building to the site offering structural solidity and architectural permanence.  The Southern elevation of the ground floor facing the courtyard is fully glazed with an exposed concrete floor to the living and kitchen areas.  This allows the low winter sun to penetrate the space during the day, heating the mass of the building and allowing it to circulate through the double height space which connects to all other habitable rooms.  The louvred first floor facade prevents over heating from the high summer sun thus contributing to a passively regulated internal environment.

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