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Mcewan House

This three bed dwelling in Surrey replaces an existing 1960’s house in a state of disrepair, which falls well short of contemporary environmental standards. 

Following analysis of various refurbishment options, it was concluded that rebuilding offered the best long term solution to the client’s requirements.

The priority for the client was to connect the building with the landscape and create areas within the house that could spill out onto a series of split-level terraces creating flexibility of space at different times of day and year.

Two simple floor planes bridge between bounding walls braced by a masonry chimney element grounding the mass of the building and providing spatial separation between the open plan kitchen/dining area and the more intimate living space.  Both living and dining areas open out onto west facing terraces to take advantage of the evening sun.  Bedrooms and study above face East opening out towards the morning sun.

An equal grid of squares is imposed on the site based on the geometry of the surrounding urban grain.  The building occupies approximately four sections of this grid with a further three squares providing living and dining terraces.  The grid gradually dissolves from formal terraces, planters and water features adjacent to the house, into an increasingly organic landscape, terminating in a natural woodland at the farthest point from the dwelling.  This ‘whole site’ approach connects the building with the landscape and creates a cohesive site strategy.

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