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Watson House

This family house is located in the centre of the New Forest National Park. It has set a benchmark in the area for high quality, contemporary one-off design previously resisted by a rather more traditionally minded National Parks Authority.

The brief called for a simple house providing accommodation that would allow the residents to live in close contact with nature. The building is orientated on the North/South axis with the bedrooms opening up to the morning light in the East, whilst the large open-plan living area faces West to the evening light filtering through a private pine copse. The primary structure consists of prefabricated, cross-laminated timber panels by KLH allowing the superstructure to be erected in less than two weeks. Locally sourced sweet chestnut cladding provides a vertical rhythm to the façade reflecting the adjacent woods.

The project was procured through a multi-party collaborative process from inception to completion. The early engagement of the client, architect, contractor, project manager and several key sub-contractors in a non-binding partnering agreement allowed for great efficiencies to be made in terms of build quality, cost savings and flexibility regarding client variations during construction.

The house was Awarded an RIBA Award in 2011 and was short listed for the Wood Awards and the Manser Medal.

Credit: Henry Goss working as Project Architect at John Pardey Architects 2009
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